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Made by lawyers for lawyers

Efficiently obtain the documents from your clients, from the beginning of the relationship.

Documents checklists to work more effectively

  • Use templates to work fast and comfortably.
  • Review the uploaded information automatically.
  • Set up reminders or send them manually with one click.
  • Control deadlines and keep an audit log.

Boost collaboration

Between your professionals:

  • Avoid requesting the same information more than once.
  • Track what documents have already been reviewed.

With your clients:

  • Always accessible, no downloads or installs needed.
  • Centralize conversations in a single place.
  • Work from a computer or a mobile device.

Manage better the knowledge for your organization

  • Transform your document and information checklists into reusable templates.
  • Share and distribute templates with specific people, teams, or the entire organization.
  • Standarize projects to scale the business.


  • Security



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